Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetologist, Barbers, Esthetician’s, Nail Technicians, and Hair Designers located in the state of Georgia!
You will receive you certificate once you complete the course.
All of our course are self-paced, which means that you can start and end the course at anytime.
You’re certificate can be uploaded from our site once you have completed the course.
You’re licensed will be renewed once you email your certificate of completion to the Georgia Boards of Cosmetology and Barbers.
We will always recommend our Health and Safety Curriculum course (mandatory) and out Unveiling the Essential Business Secrets Course to all our professionals!
All our courses listed are recommended for our Cosmetologist, Barbers, and Hair designers.
The unveiling the Essential Business Secrets and The steps to Shaping the Perfect Brow course, and Understanding the foundation of Makeup.
Understanding the Foundation of Makeup and the Unveiling Essential Business Secre
Yes, you can take the course to gain more knowledge and understanding in the beauty industry in your not licensed.

We highly recommend our Health and Safety course, Unveiling the Essential business secrets and the understanding the Foundation of Makeup course to all of our unlicensed professionals.